About Michael Morten Sonne

Hey there!

I’m Michael Morten Sonne. Microsoft Evangelist and love to play around with Microsoft stuff!

I am a Technical guy working across a wide range of the Microsoft Stack.

My main focus is on Microsoft 365 and Cloud, helping companies mobilise their workforce and deliver products which will drive efficiency and productivity.

I’ve worked in the InfoTech sector for 6+ years, with over 4 years experience delivering tier 3 and above support. I have worked on Microsoft 365 and Intune, Azure, Windows and VMware to name a few.

I have a thirst for automation, and PowerShell is my preferred language to achieve my automation goals. But for something else, i will use C#/.Net

For more details on work experience, certifications and such, check LinkedIn. I tend to update that more frequently than this page 😉

On a more personal note, I’m living with my girlfriend, and I have a potentially overshadowing passion for IT and Code in a long time

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